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04 - 04 - 2008

30th Anniversary of GOLDRAKE in Italy

16 - 03 - 2008

NEW (THE UFO trailer02)

29 - 01 - 2008

Ok. What have we done this week? We have prepared much material and animations, but unfortunately we can't assemble anything since the renders are not ready. This night we'll animate the enemy ufo. We always try to have realistic animations. We have seen that there are many teams of artists that are inspired by our work. This make us happy, it means that some people appreciate our efforts.

The end of the world is near. But any way, here is the weekly diary of the "Grendizer movie" project. It is an endless work that we are trying to finish in any way. Just to start, We want to show you the studio where we work. This is our director's studio. (He's too poor to have a personal studio! He usually works under the bridges...) Yes!! The director desk!!! Yes, this evil figure is the entity that assembles every render with his little monitor. The face is green because every time that I tell him that we must "POST PRODUCE" some part of the movie, he turns green... strange!

Who is this alone guy? This is the man of the particle and of the render. In his haired head the XSI secrets of the render still run even when he sleeps. But he never sleeps. He must work always. (we don't know why... really)

Hei, but this man from the back... he is the same in the hand of Grendizer in the picture a side? Could he be the same guy?

Questo progetto non ha nessuno scopo di lucro ma è frutto della passione di fans la cui unica intenzione è quella di onorare la memoria di Grendizer, personaggio che ha nutrito i sogni di una generazione. Tutte le immagini della serie TV "The Ufo Robot Grendizer" sono di proprietà di Go Nagai - Dynamic Planning- TOEI animation e sono brevettate dai relativi autori.
This is a no-profit project, realized by the passion of fans who simply wish to honour the memory of Grendizer, a character that fed the dreams of one generation. All the images of the TV series "The Ufo Robot Grendizer" are properties of Go Nagai - Dynamic Planning- TOEI animation and are copyrighted by the relative owners.